Tips on How to Improve Quality of Air in Your House

  1. Maintain a Clean Surface

The best, yet simple way, in order to enhance the quality of air in your house is to maintain a clean environment.  



First, you should make sure that you have floor mats inside and outside of all entry doors of your home. This will actually help prevent huge amounts of pollutants and chemicals from entering your house by your shoes. Also, do not forget to clean or vacuum the floor mats on a regular basis. 

Second, use your vacuum cleaners to its maximum capability. Use a vacuum which has a filter in order to clean the walls, floors, mattress and even your furniture. Visit websites or contact a professional cleaning service provider to ask for their services or tips on how to utilize your vacuum cleaner on furniture. As a matter of fact, this simple job will lessen the amount of pet dander, dust mites, allergens as well as toxins in your house. 

Finally, use a mop to wipe hard surfaces in order to capture fine dusts that are left behind by your vacuum. 

  1. Maintain a Clean Air

Your heating and air Rock Hill SC recycle the air inside your house all over again. To have a clean HVAC filter and changing it every 3 to 6 months or on a regular basis is the easiest and most cost-efficient method to help maintain the air in your house clean and not harmful to human health. In addition to that, by decreasing the amount of harsh chemicals, dust and pollen, you can easily breathe, thus, improving your overall comfort and even sleeping pattern. For those who like to maximize the air filtration systems of their houses, consider acquiring an electrostatic filter built-in that capture higher number of particles and dusts compared to ordinary filters. Aside from that, if there are smokers living in your home, you need to make sure that they do their bad habit outdoors. Smoking inside the house will definitely destroy the quality of air for everyone to breathe in your house, even after the has already cleared. 

  1. Avoid Harsh Fragrances and Chemicals

Consider buying naturally-scented or fragrance-free home products. Avoid home products such as aerosol sprays when possible that includes air fresheners, carpet cleaners, hair sprays, and deodorants. Old fashioned baking soda and sliced lemons can actually help your kitchen smell very good. 

  1. Maintain the Level of Humidity Healthy

There are a lot of simple ways to test your home’s humidity. With a little amount of money, you can already buy a hygrometer or use some ice and a glass of cup.  

In order to add humidity inside your home, you can add indoor plants, consider getting a humidifier or boil water. On the other hand, to decrease humidity, consider buying and using a dehumidifier, vent the dryer outdoors, use an exhaust fan or crack open your window when cooking. 

Having the appropriate amount of humidity inside your home can definitely help with scratchy eyes, static electricity, sore throats, and sinus issues.