Kitchen Makeover Ideas for your Small Kitchen 

There are many people nowadays, who prefers to live in small apartments or just enough space that could be considered where they can stay in. They don’t need the open spaces that are afforded for bigger apartments but also more expensive counterparts. However, just because you are living small, doesn’t mean that you should be living in a hotel.  


Nowadays, there are millions of choices you can choose from in making sure that your home looks like a pretty looking place to stay in. There are also hundreds of videos you can watch to get inspiration from to get inspired with. So, whether it is your kitchen cabinets that need a little bit of tender loving care or you want the whole shebang you’re in the right place.  

Since there are too many things that could happen for you even in the small space. This article won’t go for each one and make it the more detailed. This article will just be a couple of ideas to pull off to have as your inspiration. It won’t go on too much detail it would just be enough to whet your appetite for things like this.  






When working with small spaces, make sure to paint one accent wall, which is slightly darker than its counterparts. The rest you should paint lightly. If you paint it all dark, it would make the whole space look boxed in. So, the effect would be smaller. So, that is one visual trick you can definitely use.  




In a small kitchen it’s important to have storage. You have to play with the storage so you can use as much as you can. For the overhead part it would be nice to have open storage, so, that it opens up the room more. You just have to make sure that you organized your ingredients well, you can use, large canisters and mason jars, to achieve a rustic look.  




In small kitchens it’s a little teeny tiny so, you want to add a little counterspace to make it look awesome, in order to do that, you have to make sure not to fill up the counter space with stuff instead have them hanged or stowed away from sight. You can also add in a stove top tray to add the necessary counter space that you need.  




Update your cabinet hardware to give them a little bit of life. There is something that you can do, so much with it. It is basically just for aesthetic purposes but you can get away with it as much as you can without worry.  




Sometimes the floors could just take away the things that are needed, which is the visual. It can make the place feel even more like of a small apartment feels. So, with the help of laminate flooring you can change the looks. You can even do it yourself if you like it like that. You just have to make sure to choose from the different designs that you have.